The Find Your Sanctuary Location bundle with survival zones booklet will be provided to each attendee at the live event as your gift to take home! This LIVE event will also allow you the opportunity to ask Major Dames anything you need to know regarding Killshot safe zones, approaching future disasters, personal trajectory question or anything else!

MAY 21, 2016


  • Effective Remote Viewing training crash course
  • How to find your personal sanctuary
  • How to generate revenue with RV (funds for preparing)
  • Real-world training targets with feedback


  • Bonus ACCESS to the evening chat with Ed Dames!
  • See and discuss Killshot survivial zones map!
  • Ask Ed anything you want to know behind closed doors
  • FREE Sanctuary DVDs to take home ($119.99 Value)

    SOLD OUT (CALL 866-607-8439)

  • What does the 1-day workshop cover?

    This is the first time that Major Ed Dames has EVER offered a 1-day Remote Viewing training crash course tour and this will likely be his last. There have been so many people that were unable to attend a full 2-Day long workshop in the past, that Major Ed Dames has decided to condense the most crucial and effective techniques for RV training into a single day - with the most affordable rates ever offered!

    Not only will you learn the basics of Remote Viewing in the shortest time possible, but Major Ed Dames will also run LIVE, real-world targets with the class to help locate your sanctuary location as well as reveal exactly how Remote Viewers are using basic RV skills to generate revenue in order to have the means to prepare for approaching global change.

    Private evening chat with Major Dames

    After RV training has concluded, Major Dames will be holding an evening discussion in a relaxed setting to openly answer questions regarding Killshot safe zones, sanctuary locations, military program insights or anything else you want to know! The fireside chat alone is an opportunity you do NOT want to miss and this feature alone makes the entire day worth attending!

    Free Sanctuary Workshop 2-DVD Bundle

    Also included for attendees is a FREE copy of the new RV Sanctuary Locations Application Workshop and Surviving the Killshot DVD documentary with Survival Zones Booklet which has a market value of $119.99! These products contain the latest compilation of Killshot sanctuary location cues, knowledge, predicted events and survival maps!

    IMPORTANT: This DVD bundle and survival map booklet is intended to be your reference guide for surviving the Killshot and cannot be duplicated, given to another person, auctioned off online or sold. A signed agreement indicated you will follow these regulations is required to receive your bundle and booklet. The future for yourself and loved ones is on the line and Major Ed Dames wants to ensure that these materials, and the information you learn at the workshop is used to better your life, so protect what you learn!

    When and where is the event?

    Date: May 21, 2015 (Saturday)

    Times: The workshop takes place between 9:00am-6:00pm on Saturday with various breaks during the day. Your pass also includes access to the exclusive evening chat with Major Ed Dames where the floor opens up to discuss anything you want to know!

    Doubletree Suites (By the Seattle Airport)
    16500 Southcenter Parkway
    Seattle, Washington 98188

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    $299.00 /person $399.00 /person

    All live events include catered coffee, event access badge, workbook, pen and any free gifts defined above. Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements, accommodations and meals.
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