A $99.99 Value

This "BEHIND CLOSED DOORS" 3-DVD set has never before been released publicly, and is Major Ed Dames' FREE gift to everyone that attends an event on the Farewell Tour!

Set Topics:

- New World Order
- Nuclear Terrorism
- Time Travel
- Sanctuary Locations
- Activity on the Moon
- Planet-X
- Solar Activity
- Solar Effects on Earth's Core
- US Government Secrets
- Chlorella Treatments
- Chaco Canyon
- Alien Interaction
- Alien Secrets
- Fukushima
- Bigfoot
- Transcendental Technologies
- Animal Mutilation
- Military Aircraft
- Crop Circles
- Ghosts and apparitions
- Remote Viewing Secrets
- Politics
- Operation Zombie Apocalypse
- Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation
- EMP Effects on Earth
- The Future of Communications
- Human Microchipping
- Mafia Secrets
- Uni-bomber Secrets

Saturday. January 19, 2019


  • Remote viewing Training Crash Course Curriculum
  • Real world RV targets with shocking feedback
  • How to Remote View your personal Killshot sanctuary
  • How to generate funds with Remote Viewing
  • Discussions on Killshot safe zones and death zones
  • Discussions on future RV predictions and updates


  • FREE "Behind Closed Doors" 3-DVD set ($99.99 value)
  • Access to the evening Q&A chat with Ed Dames!


    What does this event cover?
    Evening chats with Major Ed Dames
    Free Behind Closed Doors DVD package
    When and where is the event?
    Can I use an audio recorder at the event?
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    What does the event cover?

    Due to public demand and the urgency of recent global events, Major Dames has finally announced his FAREWELL TOUR across America. This could be your last chance to get behind-closed-doors with Major Ed Dames to get face to face Remote Viewing training. Not only will you experience the most effective and state of the art Remote Viewing protocols available anywhere in the world; executing real-world targets and feedback within hours of attending, but you'll also get the opportunity to ask Major Ed Dames anything you want to know about the Killshot, future RV predictions and top secret programs from his time in U.S. military Intelligence! People that have attended similar events agree that this is a rare opportunity that you do not want to miss. Space is very limited and these events WILL sell out!

    Bonus Evening chat with Major Dames

    After training for the day has concluded, Major Ed Dames will be conducting an optional evening discussion with attendees in a relaxed setting to openly discuss various topics including Killshot map safe zones, personal sanctuary locations and military program insights so secret, they can only be discussed behind closed doors! There have been many attendees who sign up for a live event for just this opportunity alone!

    Free Behind Closed Doors 3-DVD set

    Also included exclusively for attendees is a FREE copy of the new Behind Closed Doors 3-DVD set! This product contains the latest compilation of Remote Viewing knowledge directly from Major Ed Dames' top secret operations. This set contains a lot of information that was only previously available to RV students and attendees of past live events. This product is NOT FOR SALE publicly and is available only to those that attend a FAREWELL TOUR event.

    The topics discussed in the set are: New World Order, Nuclear Terrorism, Time Travel, Sanctuary Locations, Activity on the Moon, Planet-X, Solar Activity, Solar Effects on Earth's Core, US Government Secrets, Chlorella Treatments, Chaco Canyon, Alien Interaction, Alien Secrets, Fukushima, Bigfoot, Transcendental Technologies, Animal Mutilation, Military Aircraft, Crop Circles, Ghosts and apparitions, Remote Viewing Secrets, Politics, Operation Zombie Apocalypse, Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, EMP Effects on Earth, The Future of Communications, Human Microchipping, Mafia Secrets, and Uni-bomber Secrets.

    When and where is this event?

    Date: January 19, 2019 (Saturday)

    Times: The workshop takes place between 9:00am-5:30pm on Saturday with various breaks during the day. Your pass also includes access to the exclusive evening chat with Major Ed Dames where the floor opens up to discuss anything you want to know!

    Suncoast Hotel & Casino
    9090 Alta Drive
    Las Vegas, NV 89145

    Can I use an audio recorder at the workshop?

    YES! Even though camcorders or any devices with video capability are not allowed, audio recorders are completely OK. Major Ed Dames is serious about your Remote Viewing training and wants you to take every step possible to enhance your success during and after the live workshop. WARNING: Audio recordings made at a live workshop or seminar are for personal use ONLY. Recordings cannot be shared or put on the web for other individuals. Video or audio recording; however, is NOT allowed diring the event private chats with Major Ed Dames when details surrounding the Killshot and santuary locations are discussed.

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    $259.00 /person $359.00 /person

    All live events include workbook, pen and a free DVD set. Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements, accomodations and meals.

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     1-Day Event (Sept 23, 2017) $359 per ticket.
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