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Learn Remote Viewing 4-DVD Course
The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course, by Major Ed Dames, was built entirely from the ground up; utilizing the latest protocols and methods to provide the most effective and comprehensive training program in the world! The proof is in the results.
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Viewing the Future (Major Ed Dames)
Viewing the Future will provide exclusive information regarding the most terrifiying future events that Remote Viewers see as imminent and catastrophic. In addition, you will be taken deep inside professional Remote Viewing operations that reveal details surrounding accurately predicted past events including a devastating 9.0 earthquake and recent environmental changes.
Remote Viewing Financial Markets
SAVE $10.00 IF YOU RESERVE NOW! Ships May 2008
RV is recognized as the most groundbreaking scientifically developed teachable mind skill in the world. Now, the instructor for the world-renowned Learn Remote Viewing DVD course and retired military intelligence officer, Major Ed Dames, proudly presents the Remote Viewing Financial Markets Application workshop.
Learn Dowsing 2-DVD Set
Through modern scientific research and instructional techniques, you can now penetrate the mysteries of dowsing and discover the limitless opportunities for personal growth and acquire the invaluable search and survival ability to find anything you're looking for
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A world without Secrets (Paul H. Smith)
Includes a $30.00 OFF coupon for the NEW Learn Dowsing 2-DVD set!

Break through the mystery of ESP and watch the "real story" unfold regarding how scientific research provides shocking evidence that we are trully made up of more than the sum of our parts. Features Paul H. Smith, Mel Riley and Hal Puthoff.

Remote Viewing the Lottery
This DVD documentary, Remote Viewing the Lottery, is hosted by two of Major Ed Dames' students and now trained Remote Viewers; the mother and daughter team, Mary and Cherise Rivera, will walk you through the RV technique they have utilized to win the Texas pick three lottery two times!
The Killshot
A number of forecasts by Ed Dames' team of professional remote viewers have come to pass, exactly as described. In the course of standard operations, however, the team stumbled across a catastrophic event - now dubbed 'The Killshot' - actually a series of powerful, deadly solar flares which will be impacting the Earth in the near future!
Are Aliens Real
Finally, a high-ranking military intelligence officer reveals key information about clandestine extraterrestrial activities, collected over a 20-year period by U.S. military remote viewers and their civilian counterparts. Discover the truth about the existence of alien technology, the origin of crop circles, and MUCH MORE!