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This LIVE 2-day training workshop will provide the most intense Remote Viewing crash course experience available anywhere in the world. This is your chance to finally expereince how Remote Viewing works and use it to discover anything you want to know; including where your future personal sacntuary location is for yourself and family. Also included in this workshop package, is a FREE copy of the Surviving the Killshot DVD and maps to take home with you; as well as a RV training workbook and materials!

2-Day Remote Viewing Personal Sanctuaries
April 18-19, 2015 in Sparks, NV (Reno)


  • Step-by-step official Remote Viewing training
  • Conduct real-world practice targets with instant feedback
  • Includes lessons to determine personal sanctuary locations


  • Includes ACCESS to the private evening chat with Ed Dames!
  • Ask Major Dames anything you want to know behind closed doors.
  • Plus a FREE copy of Surviving the Killshot (not for sale)

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    What does this workshop cover?
    Evening chats with Major Ed Dames
    Free Surviving the Killshot DVD
    When and where is the workshop?
    Can I use an audio recorder at the workshop?
    Hotel room discount for workshop attendees
    Workshop pricing (early bird and full rates)
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    What does the workshop cover?

    Workshop training from Major Ed Dames is not just another lecture about practice or theory like "other" RV seminars or workshops. This is a real HANDS-ON training program from the most comprehensive and effective RV source in the world! The live workshops cover a wide range of activities and topics from direct Remote Viewing training to discussions on improving and refining your Remote Viewing skill to utilizing RV in real-world applications and projects. Attendees will be taught, step-by-step, the most effective and up-to-date Remote Viewing protocols and execute several blind targets throughout the class. Each target is followed by instant feedback in order to compare your own data with other student sessions! You'll know right away that you're really learning this groundbreaking skill! Periodically throughout the workshops, Major Dames will also be checking student sessions; identifying where pitfalls may be to provide personal attention and tips to increase your accuracy and solidify your understanding of the "RV" process!

    Evening chats with Major Ed Dames

    After each day's training session has concluded, Major Ed Dames will be conducting an optional evening discussion with workshop members in a relaxed setting to openly discuss off-topic questions including Killshot map safe zones, personal sanctuary locations and military program insights so secret, they can only be discussed behind closed doors! There have been many attendees who sign up for the 2-day workshop for this opportunity alone!

    Free Surviving the Killshot DVD (NEW)

    Also included exclusively for workshop attendees is a FREE copy of the new Surviving the Killshot DVD with survival zone paperback booklet! This gift contains the latest compilation of Killshot knowledge, preceding events and survival maps available anywhere in the world! This free gift is the perfect companion to take home with you to share with your friends and family after you've learned the basics of Remote Viewing and how to locate your personal sanctuary location. This DVD is NOT FOR SALE publically and is available only to those that attend a workshop.

    When and where is the workshop?

    Dates: April 18-19th, 2015 (Saturday and Sunday)

    Times: The workshop is held between 9:00am-5:30pm on Saturday & Sunday and includes the exclusive evening chat with Major Ed Dames after dinner between 7:30pm-10:30pm Saturday evening.

    Location: John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino Resort
    1100 Nugget Avenue
    Sparks, NV 89431

    Hotel room discount for workshop attendees

    For attending the workshop, you'll also get SPECIAL ROOM RATES but we have VERY LIMITED ROOMS and availability fills up fast on a first come first serve basis, so book early!

    We have two options for you:

    1. You can book at the JA Nugget where the conference is being held but the room rate will be $169/night. To book there you must call 800-648-1177 and give them the Group Code of GRVP15.

    2. You can book at the Western Village Inn & Casino which is only 1.5 miles away and cabs are available constantly 24/7 and are inexpensive. This establishment has been recently remodeled and it is also where Major Dames and his Professional Remote Viewers are staying. The rate is $79/night for Fri & Sat and $69 on Sunday. To book there you must call 800-648-1170 and give them the Group Code of LRVP15.

    Can I use an audio recorder at the workshop?

    YES! Even though camcorders or any devices with video capability are not allowed, audio recorders are completely OK. Major Ed Dames is serious about your Remote Viewing training and wants you to take every step possible to enhance your success during and after the live workshop. WARNING: Audio recordings made at a live workshop or seminar are for personal use ONLY. Recordings cannot be shared or put on the web for other individuals. Video or audio recording; however, is NOT allowed diring the event private chats with Major Ed Dames when details surrounding the Killshot and santuary locations are discussed.

    Workshop pricing

    Early Bird Rate
    Before 30 days before workshop.
    Regular Rate
    Within 30 days of workshop.
    $499.00 /person (Beginner) $599.00 /person (Beginner)

    All live events include catered coffee and snacks, lanyard event access badge, workbook, pen and any free gifts defined above. Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements, accomodations and meals.

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     2-Day Workshop (April 18-19) $599 per ticket.
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