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Killshot Sanctuary DVDs

For the first time, you can get the training protocols you need to run your own sanctuary targets at home. Includes the exclusive Killshot safe zones booklet and documentary to bring you up to speed on everything Dames and his team have uncovered about this solar disaster. This is one RV resource that EVERYONE should have.

Killshot Documentary

Already watched by millions, Major Ed Dames' FREE Killshot DVD warning has brought global awareness that the Killshot is coming! George Noory from Coast to Coast AM praised this DVD and encouraged everyone to watch it. If you don't have your FREE copy, get it now!

Exposing ET Agenda

After years of secrecy, Major Ed Dames has finally revealed publicly everything he knows about the ET agenda, and what it all has to do with the approaching Killshot! Will the ETs stop this approaching disaster or let it happen? The truth is beyond frightening.

Why can't more Killshot info be revealed publically?

This is one the most frequently asked questions regarding the Killshot tour. First, it needs to be stated that Major Ed Dames has worked tirelessly to provide warning about upcoming disasters on national radio and TV across the world included his repeated warning about the Japanese nuclear disaster ( and giving away countless FREE Killshot DVDs; all funded from his own pocket! In regards to Killshot survival zones, Major Dames once revealed a sanctuary location LIVE on national radio. By revealing this information openly, it quickly spread throughout the web thereby destroying the sanctuary location! An important lesson learned.

Protecting your personal sanctuary locations.

Remember, despite proven Remote Viewing accuracy, most people do not take the Killshot warning seriously and while there are many that do and are preparing right now, providing publically available survival maps and information will have extremely dire consequences when the Killshot sequence begins. Do YOU really want thousands of people heading to YOUR sanctuary location because it was publically revealed to millions of people at a time when they ignored the warnings about the Killshot and did not prepare? People that do not take the Killshot seriously could become a danger to you and your family down the road.

People abuse Killshot info to deceive others!

Finally, people are abusing publically released Killshot information; twisting and changing what Major Dames has stated to purposely spread misinformation all over the world. This includes a false Edward Snowden Killshot report about when the Killshot would occur as well as other fake sites/videos that state Ed Dames cannot see past certain dates or provides false survival locations; all of which are flat-out untrue and will be extremely harmful to those that see this false information. With the correct information, many lives can be saved, but only if it makes to those that take this seriously about the Killshot warning. Major Ed Dames urges people to get Killshot information directly from a live event which separates those that are serious about surviving the Killshot versus those that aren’t!

Fulfilled Remote Viewing Predictions

Many Killshot precurser predictions have already come to pass! Video proof below.

Japanese Nuclear Disaster
Indonesian Earthquake
African Killer Fungus
2008 Economic Crash
Madrid Terror Attack
And many more...

Learn RV at home!

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