The SURVIVING AMERICA'S FUTURE live event is the first of it's kind that will feature live Remote Viewing sessions that could shocking new disocveries that will only be known to those that are attending. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, you will recieve a pass that will allow you access to the room throughout the day, as well as the evening private chat with Major Ed Dames where you could have a chance to ask him anything you want to know.


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SATURDAY. MAY 11, 2019


America is entering into a very shaky financial future at best. We all see economies that are collapsing around the globe but don't think we'll see it in America. Well - think again! It's coming here faster than you think! This Live Event by Major Dames is focused on the realities of the financial future of this country and how it affects you directly. You will have the opportunity to see first hand the best investment strategies for your immediate and long-term future.

This event does NOT require that you be a remote viewer to participate! Remote Viewers will be provided with the specific 'cues' to use to run their own sessions if they desire but the bulk of the information presented is for your very survival in the upcoming years! It's more important than ever to prepare financially while you will have the chance. The time will come when this will not be possible so don't delay.


  • Remote Viewing "near-term investment" sessions.
  • Analyize and share financial session findings.
  • Lecture regarding America's financial future by Major Dames
  • Remote Viewing an "Open Search" (Next Crisis)
  • Analyize and share "Open Search" session findings.
  • Lecture about upcoming predictions by Major Dames


  • Bonus ACCESS to the evening Q&A with Ed Dames!

  • When and where is this event?

    Date: May 11th, 2019 (Saturday)

    Times: The LIVE Killshot event take place between 9:00am-5:30pm on Saturday with various breaks during the day. Your pass also includes access to an exclusive evening chat with Major Ed Dames Saturday evening.

    Hyatt Place
    8688 Palm Parkway
    Orlando, FL 32836

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