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» 90 Minutes

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This product is a RARE presentation by Major Ed Dames and is available in limited quantities!

Finally, a high-ranking military intelligence officer reveals key information about clandestine extraterrestrial activities, collected over a 20-year period by U.S. military remote viewers and their civilian counterparts. Discover the truth about the existence of alien technology, the origin of crop circles, and MUCH MORE!

This exclusive videotaped presentation by U.S. Military Intelligence Officer, Major Ed Dames, outlines the never-before-told 'inside story' of how the U.S. government remote viewing unit targeted - and penetrated - the UFO enigma. Major Dames presents the detailed information, acquired by expert remote viewing teams, resulting from their attack on the 'UFO problem.'

The Are Aliens Real 1hr 45min VHS videotape covers a wide spectrum of UFO-related intelligence information. See what is really going on, and how so many seemingly diverse phenomena are connected. Find out - with this once-in-a lifetime presentation by Major Ed Dames!